M3/M6/M10/M15/M20/Mx20/Mx25/Ts6/Ts20/Tl10/T20 Yojo Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket Plate

M3/M6/M10/M15/M20/Mx20/Mx25/Ts6/Ts20/Tl10/T20 Yojo Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket Plate

Overview Product Description Can be customized according to customer's requirements. Detailed PhotosTypes Certifications
Basic Info.
Model NO. B100B
Material Stainless Steel
Max.LC(mm) 4800
Dimension(L*W*H) 1150*2882*LC
Place of Origin Jiangyin
Brand Name Yojo
The Maximum Number of Pieces(N) 700
Connection 350
Design Pressure(MPa) 1.0/1.6/2.5
Bottom of Centre to Ground (mm) 470
Maximum Flow(M³/H) 997
Model Number B350b
Transport Package Plywood Box
Specification 1150*2882*LC
Trademark YOJO
Origin Jiangyin
HS Code 8419500090
Production Capacity Plate Heat Exchanger
Product Description
Product Description

M3/M6/M10/M15/M20/Mx20/Mx25/Ts6/Ts20/Tl10/T20 Yojo Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger HVAC Marine Heat Exchanger Gasket Plate

The bottom of the center to ground level(mm) 470
MAX.LC(mm) 4800
Interface Path(mm) 350
Monolithic heat transfer area(m2) 1.85
The maximum number of pieces(N) 700
Maximum flow(m3/h) 997
Design pressure(Mpa) 1.0/1.6/2.5

Can be customized according to customer's requirements.
Plate MaterialSuitable fluid
Stainless steel (SUS304, 316L etc.)Pure water, River water, Edible salt water, Mineral oil
Titanium, ti-pdBrine, sea water, Salt water
SMO254Dilute sulphuric acid, Salt water solution, Inorganic aqueous solution
NiHigh temperature, High concentration of caustic soda
Hastelloy (C276, C22)Concentrated sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid

Main Body Gasket

Operating Temperature (ºC)

Suitable Fluid


-15 ~ +135

Water, Sea water, Mineral Salt, Brine


-25 ~ +180

Hot water, Vapour, Acid, Base


-25 ~ +230

Acid, Base, Fluid


0 ~ +160

Concentrated acid, Base, High temperature oil, Vapour

Plate Type


Lower Runner (B)

Temperature drop of heat-transfer medium too large, Temperature difference of logarithm too small

High Runner (H)

Request of viscosity, Fibroid, Pressure drop too small

Detailed PhotosTypes
ModelA (mm)B(mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)MAX.LC (mm)Connection (mm)Exchange area (m2)Max. number of platesMax. volume flow (m3/h)Design pressure
M3 / B30BN(2.5+X)18060480357500320.03295181.6
TS6M / S60HN(4+X)4002037043801200650.086147501.6
M6 / B60BN(2.0+X)3201409206401200500.15250361.6
M6M / B60HN(3.0+X)3201409206401200500.15203361.6
M10B / B100BN(2.55+X)470225106971916001000.252781401.0/1.6/2.5
M10M / B100HN(3.95+X)470225106971916001000.251801401.0/1.6/2.5
TS20M / S200HN(4+X)800363140569830002000.34006001.6
TL10 / L100BN(2+X)4802251888133830001000.54001401.0
M15B / B150BN(2.5+X)6102981815129430001500.656003601.0/1.6/2.5
M15M / B150HN(3.95+X)6102981815129430001500.656003601.0/1.6/2.5
M20M / T20M / B200HN(4+X)7803532260147830002000.854006001.0/1.6
MX20B / MX25B / B250BN(2.5+X)9204392895193930002501.55007501.0/1.6/2.5
M30 / B350BN(3.3+X)11505962882184248003501.857009971.0/1.6
CertificationsPackaging & ShippingCompany ProfileOur Advantages

High EfficiencyThe embossed pattern of the YOJO's special heat transfer plates promotes high turbulence at low fluid velocities. The high turbulence results in very high heat transfer coefficients.Compact SizeYOJO's brazed heat exchanger can be anywhere from 50% to 80% smaller than other types of heat exchangers. It requires less floor space due to the high thermal efficiency of the stainless steel. The plates are brazed together at high temperatures, allowing the heat exchanger to be compact, leak tight, and rugged.Close Approach TemperaturesClose-approach temperatures of 1-2°F (0.5-1.0°C) are possible because of true counter flow and high heat transfer efficiency of the plates. This is an important factor in regeneration and heat recovery processes.High Temperature and Pressure RatingsYOJO's Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger maximum working pressures from 300 psi to 650 psi, and temperature ratings of 350°F.


Refrigeration Systems:Evaporator,Condenser,Economizers and DesuperheatersAir dryerHeat pumpAbsorptionchillerHVACRadiant Floor,Snow Melt,Boiler and Solar water heat exchangerDistrict heatingOther Industrial applications such as:Heat Recovery and Oil Cooler: Hydraulic oil cooling, engine oil cooling, and fuel oil heating.Steam Heating.Flat plate heat exchangerBeer wort coolerMilk pasteurizationWind turbine oil coolerMarine oil cooler