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Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

Introduction: Along with the low-voltage pulse reflectometry, our systems implement advanced high-voltage pre-location t
Basic Info.
Model NO. FLD-902D
Shirt Circuit DC 0~35mA
Weight Transmitter 16.8kg
Transmitter 417mm*234mm*318mm
Open Circuit Voltage Wave 0~2800V
Pulsating DC Peak 8kv
Output Frequency 1Hz
Transport Package Export Standard Carton or Customize Strong Pallet
Specification FLD-902D Over head line grounding fault locator
Trademark Grewin
Origin China
HS Code 9030899090
Production Capacity 100 PCS Per Month
Product Description
Along with the low-voltage pulse reflectometry, our systems implement advanced high-voltage pre-location technologies that allow to determine the distance to faults of various types with a minimal harmful effect on the cable lines.High level of safety during the testing with our cable test vans and mobile systems is ensured by built-in protection against overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating, as well as by the use of a continuous grounding monitoring, vehicle door closure sensors and self-health check monitoring.
High speed sample system and high bandwidth input circuit are integrated in the tester to get the exact reflection curve of signal so that the distance of fault point to signal sample point can be calculated in high accuracy and high resolution Special sound location tester configuration can be applied to locate the fault point more exactly.
The cable fault tester is suitable for measuring power cables, high-frequency coaxial cables, local telephone cables, street lamp cables, low-resistance of short-circuit, open-circuit disconnection faults, and various materials of various materials with different cross-sections and different media. Leakage and high resistance flashover faults. A powerful cable management system that automatically generates test reports.
It can test a variety of 35KV under different voltage grade, different sections, different media and all kinds of material of power cable faults, including: open circuit, short circuit, low resistance, high resistance, high resistance leak flashover fault.
It can be any cable length measurement of radio wave propagation in the known speed.It can test the power cables buried path and buried depth.route tracing evaluation of electric lines and cables.
Good solution of the pinpointing of single phase to earth fault as signal transmitter and it can also matched with FLD-903P EHV cable sheath fault pinpointer to do sheath fault pinpointing.
1.1 Feather
  1. Auto testing. Big LCD displays the distance directly. Easy operation and solute the difficulty of HV Bridge balance adjusting.
  2. Overcome the HV bridge disadvantage that can't locating because lack of good insulation sheath in site.
  3. Built-in HV continuous current. Output voltage and current is continuously adjustable and period optional.
  4. Inject signal to reappear the fault, easy pinpointing with stable current signal.
  5. VLF signal to avoid effect of system distributed capacitance and easy to pinpoint the high resistance fault.
  6. Support both power supply and storage battery supply
  7. Light weight and easy to portable.

1.2 Specification
  1. Output frequency:1Hz
Open circuit voltage: effective value of fundamental wave 0~2800V
Pulsating DC: peak 8kV,amount to 10kV phase voltage peak
Shirt circuit DC: effective value of fundamental wave 0~35mA (pulsating DC,peak
  1. Max. Power:900W
  1. Dimension: transmitter 417mmx234mmx318mm
Weight: transmitter 16.8kg

  1. Equipment Composition
It is used to inject ultralow frequency pulsating DC signal to the fault line.
The transmitter panel as below:

Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

Power socket: contact with 220V power
Protective tube: change protective tube if needed
Power switch: turn on/off the device
HV on: when turn on the device, press this button when output adjustment on the ZERO position to output HV signal.
HV off: Stop HV output
Zero: indicate that the output voltage on the zero position
Protect: when the device become protect mode, this indicator will be bright to show the device is in protect blocking state. Adjust the Output adjust button to Zero position to reset the indicator.
Output adjust: adjust the output current and voltage. When it on the Zero position, to press HV on button to start the transmitter signal output function.
Protect current: indicate the input current value. If current is over default max. 4A,the device will be stopped. Then it is needed to zero the output adjustment button to set protective circuit to readjustment the current.
Output voltage: indicate the value of output voltage
Earth: earth terminal to contact with the earth line to connect the earth mat.
HV out: connect the fault line. According the local state to clip the switchgear wire or connect the faulty line with rod of patch board
Test ground: connect with earth mat.
3. Method of application
3.1 Work principle
Transmitter output is impulse DC signal which frequency is 1Hz.Low frequency less impact by the system division capacitance. It is proved the 1Hz signal can satisfy most requirements from the testing site.
The limited voltage of the transmitter is 8kV.It is equal the phase voltage peak value of 10kV line. If the voltage too high, it will bring line major insulation broken. If it's too low, the fault can't be reappeared. This value could be adjusted when production.
Hanging the sensor along with the line to test the current. Sensor test the current on the line and automatic zero setting then converse analog signal into the digital signals to transmit by wireless mode.
3.2 Operation of the transmitter
3.2.1 Wiring
First beak the fault line, then connect the it with utility power(220V).Connect the earth line with Protect ground terminal and the earth grid.
Wire the earth test line (HV line with black clip) to the earth test grounding and earth gird.
We could wire the output line of the fault line according the site conditions. Connect the short line which has a red clip with the line terminal and the line side of the switchgear. If must connect it on the overhead line ,we suggest to use the long line. Connect its high voltage outlet with the line terminal, and then connect the other line on the insulation hanging rod, then hang the rod on the fault line.
3.2.2 Power supply
Open the power switch. Now the transmitter still doesn't transmit.
3.2.3 Start and output
First adjust the output adjust button to ZERO.Now the Zero is bright.
Then press HV on button to begin the output. Now the HV indicator is light.
Turn up the output adjust button slowly to rise the current but make sure the protective indicator doesn't light. If this indicator light, it indicates the faulty line has small resistance so the input current is too high. Now it's needed to adjust the output adjust button to ZERO anticlockwise and readjust to suitable position.
3.2.4 Stop output.
If need to stop the output, press HV off button
3.2.5 After test, turn off power and disconnect the wiring.

Company introduction

Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

We have passed ISO9001:2015,CE,SGS approval and IEC report

Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

2.Company profile

Grewin Best Price Ehv Cable Fault Location System Detector Power Pipeline Cables Testing Equipment

Tianjin Grewin is concentrating on transformers for 20 Years and complianted by ISO9001:2015,CB,IEC CB,CE etc.We're always pay great attention to its business philosophy "Quality and Honesty First".Grewin is specialized in the design and manufacture of wound components such as transformer,current sensors, chokes etc .windely used in communications,electronics,meters,industrial control,medical equipments and other fields.We are also a provider of power meters and instruments locators. 85% of its products exported to America, Europe, and Asia etc.We sincerely invite you to join us to create a bright future.

3.Terms of Shipment:
Within 10 working days after received related prepayment or L/C.
4.Payment terms:
(1)T/T 100% or 50% deposit by T/T in advance, balance amount to be paid 7 days before
(2) By irrevocable L/C at sight, to be issued immediately against confirmed order.
(3)Payment by T/T, if order amount is less than USD 20,000.
(1)We provide 1 year warranty.
(2)If the product is defective, please notify us within 3 days of delivery.
(3)All products must be returned on their original condition, in order to qualify for a refund or exchange of goods
6.Why choose us?
Quality and honest first!
A. Flexible service for diffierent transformers with high efficiency performance.
B. Over 40 years experience of transformer designing and producing.
C.100% test of every single product we produce from incoming material checking.
D. UL, CE, ISO9001:2008
E. We offer custom-made transformers, OEM and ODM are welcome
F. We deliver the quality you expect at consistently competitive prices
G.Transformer quality lifetime:10 Years.
H.Specialty Sales service:5 -10 Years
7.Flow chart of trading activities:



Days need


Request for quotation

1 day


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1 day


Offer and counter offer

3 days


Sending and receiving samples

3-10 days


Sample confirmation

3 days


Placing a firm order

1 day


Paying and receiving the down payment

1-4 day


Factory production & Quality inspection

15-20 days


Paying and receiving the balance

4 days


Delivery of goods

1 days
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