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You've been spring cleaning wrong

Aug 11, 2023Aug 11, 2023

A WOMAN with nifty spring cleaning tips has shared an efficient way to sort through your clothes and help you purge.

Her reverse hanger trick is a great tool to help you figure out what needs to go in your closet.

"Sorry, but you've been doing spring cleaning wrong, aimlessly thinking about doing it but with no real method to the madness," the cleaning guru, Chelsey (@chezbyche), said in a video where she keyed people in on a cleaning hack.

In honor of spring, she shared a method to actually get you to declutter.

Chelsey dove into her reverse hanger trick.

"This one is really great to do at the beginning of a new season and also very effective if you're a visual learner," she said.

"It's simple. Start by flipping all the hangers in your closet backwards.

"Then as you wear items and return them to the closet, flip the hangers back to normal.

"After about three to six months, any clothing on hangers still backwards get purged.

"You may find this inspires you to actually wear items you typically pass over.

"And then the pieces that you're still consistently skipping, will be easier to say goodbye to because they had their chance."

Chelsey explained that the method takes some time to play out but might be right for you.

Some viewers left their appreciation for the hack in the comments section of the video.

"This is genius," one person wrote.

"I love this! I have a basket in my wardrobe for clothes when I try them on. If they don’t fit or I don’t feel right in them they go into the basket for donation," another person shared their own method.

"I will be doing this," a third said.

"Awesome tips!" a final person added.