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Jul 18, 2023Jul 18, 2023

ITALY: The NPG series is a new range of multi-purpose air-water units using R32 for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems from Aermec.

The NPG is designed to produce hot water and chilled water simultaneously and independently. It boasts continuity of operation down to -15°C of outside air in winter, and up to 49°C in summer, while the maximum hot water temperature is 60.0°C.

The 2-pipe version, ideal for all those applications, like hotels, that require the production of chilled water or hot water at the same time as the production of domestic hot water throughout the year.

The 4-pipe version is said to be ideal for applications, like offices/structures with large windows, where the simultaneous production of chilled and hot water is required, as an alternative to the chiller/boiler system, or to avoid continuous switching of a traditional heat pump

The multifunction unit is double cycle, with tandem or trio configuration of scroll compressors, both guaranteeing greater efficiency at partial loads.

The unit is equipped with three heat exchangers: the copper-aluminium finned pack room side heat exchanger, and two internal plate heat exchangers.

The power range is wide, with cooling capacity from 207 to 956kW and heating capacity from 212 to 671kW. It is available in silenced and high-efficiency versions.