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How To Reheat McDonald's McNuggets In Your Air Fryer

Aug 27, 2023Aug 27, 2023

One of the only things more convenient than going through a fast food drive-through for a meal is reheating leftovers of said fast food. Whether you overestimated how much your family could eat, used the McNuggets ordering hack to stock up, or purposely planned ahead and ordered enough for leftovers, reheating chicken nuggets is an easy way to put lunch or dinner on the table. However, reheating them in the microwave could make them rubbery, and even conventional ovens won't restore them to their former crunchiness. The air fryer is the quickest way to reheat this iconic fast food snack while also preserving its integrity.

So, how should you reheat McNuggets in the air fryer? Not only is it simple, but it takes only a matter of minutes before the nuggets are hot and crispy. To reheat McNuggets using this method, simply preheat the appliance to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, then cook them for about three minutes. This is enough time to heat them through without scorching them, and they won't get flabby in the process.

Heating McNuggets in the air fryer has a few advantages over other cooking methods. If using the microwave, the McNuggets could easily end up soggy from steam; with the air fryer, this is a non-issue. In addition, though the oven wouldn't make them wet and squishy, they wouldn't quite crisp up as much as they would in the air fryer. The oven also takes much more time to preheat than the air fryer, and it takes longer to heat the food.

For best results when air frying, add the nuggets in a single layer, even if it means heating up only a portion of them at a time. Air fryers cook by circulating air around the food. Therefore, there needs to be sufficient room between the nuggets for the air to heat them. In addition, be sure to check the McNuggets occasionally during the cooking time to ensure they don't get too brown or burn. If you add a lot at once, they may need more time to heat adequately; if this is the case, be sure to stir them every so often by shaking the basket.

These reheating steps work for more than just cold McNuggets. You can also use them to revive other leftover McDonald's menu items. TikTok seems to have caught on: In addition to videos advocating for air frying the fast food chain's chicken nuggets, the platform is home to plenty of TikTokers who favor this method for reheating McDonald's french fries. As with nuggets, french fries should heat up relatively quickly, but the total time will again depend on how many are in the basket.

Another content creator used their air fryer to reheat not just fries but one of the chain's burgers, calling it a "game changer." In the video, they're seen setting the machine to 260 degrees Fahrenheit and setting the timer for just four minutes. "So crispy!" the voiceover exclaims.

Now that you know how to reheat Chicken McNuggets and more, you'll never have to let another leftover fast food item go to waste. Whatever McDonald's items you choose to reheat in your air fryer, just remember to check every few minutes and agitate the basket if you're concerned about doneness.